You know, sometimes (not often, God (TIDBI) knows, but sometimes) there’s nothing going on to WTF about. 

So when there is nothing particularly WTF-y going on, I thought I would share some of the things that I tend to say (over and over again, because let’s face it, when you find a saying that works for you, you just hang on to it). 

So here’s the first:

There are only two things that melt in the rain, shit and sugar and I’m not made entirely of either.

First, I can hear my dear husband telling me, “You mean dissolve, not melt.”

And no, while I acknowledge that dissolve is the more accurate description, I like melt.  That’s the word that works for me and I’m sticking to it.  Sorry, honey. But you can say it anyway that works for you.

I use this whenever it is raining and people are just soooooooo worried about getting a little (or even a lot) wet.

It’s just water, y’all.  If you were really that concerned, you would have brought an umbrella (or at least had one close at hand, like my husband does, because he’s one of those always prepared kind of people – which I, admittedly, am not; but then I’m someone who will tell you .. only two things melt in the rain …).


  1. When your husband watches “Wizard of Oz”, does he REALLY think the Wicked Witch ought to say, “I’m
    DISSOLVING”? (Somehow the rhythm just seems wrong there…) But then an always prepared person takes
    the sage advice from the old Tom Lehrer song & gets on with it.

    Hope your computer/phone/gadget problems are over & that you are once again ass-deep in toys & gadgets & things that go BEEP in the night.

  2. Ah but you see, a person could be melting (all that fat and such). That’s life with an engineer. I too am a big Tom Lehrer fan! My laptop is on its way back to the warranty company and I have my fingers crossed that my old (old, old, old) laptop will get me through my Cognitive Behavior Group tomorrow. If not, maybe I can figure out how to use my (new) iPhone to do that. The adventure continues (and I love the phrase “things that go BEEP in the night!)

  3. Hope all goes well with your ancient laptop & your group.

    I put little faith in toys & gadgets : have this laptop for email & business and a phone (is a phone is a phone).
    As to the wicked witch, well – YOU find the fat on her because I can’t spot an ounce- I don’t think anyone
    ever called Margaret Hamilton plump or shapely! (Not just engineers have a literal streak, ya know).

    As always – enjoy your mental meanderings so much & look forward to whatever the next thing is that you
    have to say.

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