You know how everyone tells you that you’ll laugh about it later?

Well, not always.

Even when the situation was objectively kind of hilarious.

You know how funny it is when someone is holding onto the dock and their boat is pulled away and the person holding on gets dragged overboard?

Hilarious – right?

Not so much.

I had that happen to me.  Trying to bring my Dad’s canoe closer to the dock – I figured I’d just grab onto the dock post and pull.  I mean, I had strong arms.  Of course, it didn’t occur to me that I had just rowed around the lake with those strong arms, so they were feeling a little shaky and less strong by now. 

For some reason (and I am sure there is some perfectly valid reason), the harder I pulled toward the dock the more the canoe pulled away from the dock and I eventually found myself stretched out between the dock and the canoe with no other choice but to end up in the water. 

Now, we all know I don’t mind getting wet (see my last post); so falling into the water was not a big deal.

EXCEPT – this part of the dock wasn’t where the sandy bottom was.  This is where the weeds were. 

I cannot express how much I hate any kind of water plant.  They are slimy and gross and hide all that is evil under the water.  It is where Jason (that’s Jason Voorhees not Momoa) lives, okay? 

Also, by this time, I was overly committed to getting on the dock instead of just jumping in the water and pulling the canoe ashore (which wasn’t going to happen anyhow because of the aforementioned weedy bottom).

So all of that aside, what turned out to be an even bigger deal is the way the front of your legs get dragged over the side of the metal canoe. 

That hurt like a bitch. 

So I ended up in weedy bottom water with bloody bruised legs. 

Not one of my happiest moments.

So, no, I don’t find the image of someone caught between the boat and the dock so very funny. 

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