Stop with all the reports about how awful the rain we are having in California is.  Yes, it may lead to mudslides because of fire swept hillsides, yes there may be some flooding.  But when all is said and done.

It’s just rain.

It’s not a biblical deluge.  It’s not even enough to put a dent in California’s drought.

And it’s embarrassing to have all this reporting, especially in light of the winter from hell the rest of the country has been going through.  (Although, I did laugh at one Yahoo News caption:  “Calif.’s rouge rainstorm”.)

Yes, Californians tend to lose their minds a bit when the sun isn’t shining.  Sort of how our long ago ancestors felt about solar eclipses.  “Where’s the sun?!!!?  Aieeeeeeeeee.”  So you get a few no-sun-induced crashes on the highway.  Many Californians are challenged when driving in less than perfect dry conditions.  Luckily, most Californians actually come from somewhere else where they learned how to drive in conditions much worse than a little rain and damp roads.  We know the rules – slow down and keep your damn foot off the brake.

However, our roads have not turned into skating rinks, we are not in danger of freezing to death on the way to the mailbox, we did not need dowsing rods to find cars buried under snow, and to the disappointment of California kids, no school closures.

It’s just rain.

You don’t have to shovel rain.

We’ll be fine.  Only two things melt in the rain – shit and sugar, and we’re not made entirely of either.

(Can you hear my husband saying, “you mean dissolve not melt”?  Ah life with an engineer.)

And despite what the news agencies would like you to believe, we are not weather pussies.  It’s just rain.


  1. I agree. We should be doing the happy rain dance, not complaining. And as a native Californian, I am embarrassed for my fellows. Hell, as a kid I remember lots of big storms. My mom (also a native Californian) did not drive her car into a tree.

    There is, however, something to be said for losing your “cold” chops. Friends who have lived here for a while report they are not as comfy back in, say, Ohio as they once were. Ha ha ha. This is the insidious nature of California: it wishes to convince you that its weather is what Should Be and no temp or freeway limit should ever be lower than 65.

  2. I feel like that in Georgia every time it rains. The traffic slows to a crawl and everyone drives like it’s the end of the world. Essentially, Georgians drive in the rain like Michiganders do in the first snowstorm of the season. And don’t get me started on the “Snowpocalypse.”

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