Seems we’ve been dumping shows from our regular schedule lately.  Bye-bye Star Girl – too much teenage angst and the same plot over and over (Adult:  Don’t do that Star Girl.  SG: But I have to.  Adult: Well, don’t.  SG: (Later) What could go wrong? I’m going to do it!)  Bye-bye Batwoman.  Too much 20-30 year old angst and jumping the shark. 

Leaving us with The Equalizer, SNL, Ridiculousness, 60 Minutes (aka Old Man TV), Graham Norton and The Daily Show.

Soooooooooooooooo – Anybody else watching Ghosts on CBS?

Very little angst.

I like it and we usually get a chuckle or two out of each episode, but there sure are a lot of characters to keep up with – like, who’s the headless guy who keeps wandering in and out of shot in the background?

Haven’t fully decided on it going onto the regular schedule.  The plots are kind of predictable (okay, they are VERY predictable); but the characters are fun.  Kind of a you-don’t-have-to-think kind of show, which is kind of nice.  Kind of. Guilty pleasure?

And well shit. I was this many years old when I found out that the CBS TV show Ghosts is a rip of the BBC TV show Ghosts. Because – of course, it is.

So now, I have to hunt and see if I can find the BBC version on the interwebs because you know it’s going to kick the living snot out of the US version. 


  1. I agree with you 100% about Ghosts. I watched the BBC version (streaming on HBO Max) and a few episodes of the American version. The British version is far better, IMHO. It’s more positive and the acting is better. No one-dimensional characters like Flower, who is just a total stereotype. And the characters are nicer to each other – there is some insult humor, but far less than in the American version.

  2. Figures. I saw it was on HBO Max, which we don’t get. So I’ll have to wait until it’s on NetFlix or Prime. Yeah, Flower is my least favorite character. But we are getting introduced to the backstory of each – I want them to start using the cholera victims in the basement!

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