Just to be clear, I wrote this yesterday. The reason I’m posting it now shall become clear. Read on dear friends.

I am having little to no luck with computers lately. 

A few days after we were on vacation, my laptop (the one that is not quite one year old) died.

It is deceased, it has passed on.  It is an ex-laptop …

It was working just fine then I got a notification that there was something the computer couldn’t handle and there was something about a Microsoft stop code (just having something with “Microsoft” in its name should have warned me that no good was to come of this), and the computer was going to shut down and restart.


And sure-as-shit, it shut down.

Then I waited for it to restart.  I waited.  I waited.  I WAITED!!!

Then I tried everything I could think of to restart my laptop; and it just wasn’t having it. 

I decided (quite wisely, I thought) to go to bed and deal with it in the morning.  I mean, isn’t everything supposed to be better in the morning?

Well, I can tell you what wasn’t better in the morning.


Using my phone and my Kindle Fire to access the web, I read up on Microsoft Stop Codes (there are seemingly hundreds of them – and of course, I had no idea which particular stop code I was a victim of); and lots of suggestions on what to do about them.  Almost all of them, started with “After your computer restarts …” 

Uh-huh.  And if your computer should fail to restart?  There was a lot less on what to do about that situation.  But the things I found, I tried and no joy.  I currently am the owner of a very expensive paperweight.

Fortunately, my dear husband was willing to share his laptop with me (and I still had my iPhone and my Kindle Fire and my (regular) Kindle – so I was well covered electronically), which I thought was really really nice of him seeing as I had somehow managed to kill my own laptop.  So I got through the vacation with sufficient electronic entertainment.

And now we’re back from vacation. 

The warranty company is supposedly sending me packaging to ship my laptop- I mean expensive paperweight to them so they can take a look and in the meantime, I have my desktop, which I am using right now. 

I kept wondering what to write about for my Me Monday blog.  And that’s when the internet access pooped out. 

For crying out loud. 

So now you know the inspiration for this post and it may or may not get put up on my website depending on the appeasement of the computer gods. 

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