I am a bit of a connoisseur of TV commercials. 

I like to watch them and judge them as to their efficacy. 

I believe the best commercials are ones that inform and entertain and you can discern the message with the sound off – because let’s face it, when the commercials start the TV goes on mute.

Crayola currently has a commercial running for its no-mess markers that I think is pretty good.  It is money well spent.

Mountain Dew has a commercial that is so stupid it is funny.  Not hilarious, but funny – in it’s detachment from reality. 

You have a group of people out in the desert on bikes.  They are clearly very hot and sweaty (possibly because they all seem to be wearing biker leathers – um, guys, that’s not the kind of biker those leathers are made for) and they see a train approaching, with an open box car which just happens to contain cartons of Mountain Dew (or swamp piss as we used to call it at our house).  The bikers are racing to the train, next shot has them inside the box car chugging down bottles of Mountain Dew.

My thought – even with the box car being open, this train has been going through the desert.  That swamp piss is going to be hot.  And while some sodas might be okay consumed hot (think Vernors), Mountain Dew is not among them. 

I must add here that when I pulled the commercial up on YouTube, I thought I had misjudged the commercial, because if you stop the shots inside the boxcar, there is all kinds of ice and hit, so you’re supposed to think it’s cold in there. However, the initial shot of the boxcar shows no cooling equipment and the top of the box-car is a tarp. Yeah, you know the way they always cover refrigerator cars. So no.

Nice try, but that boxcar is definitely not chilled nor are the bottles of Mountain Dew.

My dear husband put the cap on this commercial when he said, “Ummm, wouldn’t riding in the train shake up those bottles?”

Fuck me.  Now I’m seeing these bikers showered in hot Mountain Dew. 

Not a good commercial, but it still makes me giggle – not only because the commercial is so ridiculous, but somebody paid good money to an ad agency to come up with this idea – and at no point did anyone stop and think – “Uh, guys …”

Look out – she’s ready to blow!


      • You should know by now that I can NOT resist a cheap laugh – I’ll be doing bad funeral jokes while they’re planting me.

        By the way – am working on a new south-of-the-border, sure-fire hit song & as soon as it has
        a melody you can introduce it. It’s called “The Cucamonga”. Ahh…..old age! The kick in the]
        ass of creativity!

  1. Oooh, I love new songs! I had a dear old friend George who loved dirty jokes. For his memorial service, there was a bunch of balloons and each guest was invited to come up take a balloon, tell a dirty joke and then release the balloon. Such a perfect send-off for a great guy.

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