We usually watch ads with the sound off.  I believe that if you want to sell me something, you should be able to make your pitch with or without the sound on.

After all, advertisers should already be aware that most people mute commercials.


So Southwest Airlines has this ad. 

It’s really a terrible ad. 

It is visually interesting.  I have actually watched it many times (with no sound) and I had no fucking idea what it was an ad for. 

That’s a terrible ad.

In this particular ad a teacher – teaching her kiddos remotely – is showing the kids how to make a vinegar / baking soda volcano.  Everybody over-pours the vinegar and hilarity ensues.

Very cute.

However, one day we were watching and the long version of the ad came on; and we happened to have closed captions on. 

The ad goes on with the pouring of the vinegar and all the chaos and hilarity of the hugely foaming volcanos – and then the caption shows that one little girl says, “It smells like my Grandma.”



Did SWA just make an old lady douche joke in the middle of its commercial?


I kept thinking I must have misunderstood something. After all, presumably this commercial script was read and approved by lots of people; it was filmed in front of lots of people; it has been on TV for awhile. How did nobody pick up on this?

Since I had never ever paid attention to who the advertiser actually was, I had quite a time trying to find the ad.  And then I had to find the long version of the ad. (The link was crazy long – so just Google “Southwest Airlines commercial Class Dismissed” and be sure to watch the 30 second version – not the 15 second one.)

And sure as shit … “It smells like my Grandma.”

Wow.  The things you miss watching commercials on mute!

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