There is this TV ad that just has an incredible “ewwwwww” factor.

It also makes me laugh too, but mostly it’s “ewwwwwww”.

It’s the Downey Unstoppables ad featuring an older woman.

First, I would like to say, every ad company (and the customer) should look at an ad without the sound on – because you know that is how most people are going to view your ad.  We mute the TV during the commercials.

You want to make sure your ad isn’t weird or ridiculous without the sound on.

Like the Downey Unstoppables ad featuring an older woman.

In this ad, the woman pulls a sweater out of her laundry hamper and sniffs it.


This is not an empty hamper – this is one that is literally overflowing; and presumably, full of all kinds of “interesting” smells (i.e., grandma’s dirty drawers).

Are you starting to feel that “ewwwwww” factor yet?

I sure am.

She not only sniffs it, she dances with it and puts it on.

I finally listened to the ad with the sound on, and it doesn’t help.

When she sniffs the dirty-laundry-hamper sweater there is a whispered voice over saying, “Still fresh”.

Yeah, still fresh with the stinks from the laundry hamper.


The gist is that if you use Downey Unstoppables your clothing will continue to smell “fresh” long after they have been washed.

That is not the message I am getting from this commercial.

I’m getting the message that either Grandma has some urges that involve sniffing dirty laundry or she’s off her meds.

Either way –

Stop taking clothes out of your laundry hamper and sniffing them.

And definitely don’t do a little dance with your dirty clothes after you’ve sniffed them.

WTF …. and




  1. Haha! I think if any of us went to YouTube to look up past commercials, there’s probably a treasure-trove of things we could find from the past; funny but inappropriate in today’s political and social climate etc.

    I remember the bounty paper towel commercials of the 80s. I used to laugh watching the silliness. The ad always showed some soccer mom witnessing a child spilling something and would just smile and use a bounty towel to clean up the mess.

    Ha! That would never would have happened in the house I grew up in the 80s. My mother would of yelled and thrown a projectile to indicate her displeasure and made us kids clean up the mess.

    Even as a teen growing up in the 80s, I knew the bounty commercial was utter nonsense and my three brothers and I agreed our mom would behave much differently!

  2. One of my favorite Bounty ads is a woman, dressed in a white suit, ready to go to work, and her darling child spills a glass of red juice – and she just stands there smiling. I’m thinking, oh hell no. Any woman dressed in white would have screamed and jumped across the room to keep her suit clean! I was also amazed by a Bounty ad, where a kid carrying a play sword comes into a room and sticks that sword (I swear) right up her Dad’s butt! WTF?!!!? And of course this causes him to spill his drink – and he takes it all good naturedly? I don’t think so? Not in real life! So, I agree, the Bounty ads have almost no basis in reality.

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