Can animals sense tension in their human servants?

Maybe that’s why Leo did what he did.

I don’t know and he’s not telling.

Last night, I was very anxious as the election results were coming in by dribs and drabs and no answer in sight (which, of course, is exactly what we were warned would happen).

I shut down my computer for the night.

Leo, as usual, is sitting on the back of my office chair. 

Leo’s habit is, when he sees the shutting down computer screen, he jumps down and heads for the kitchen because he knows it is time for him and Murphy to get their bedtime treats.  (Leo gets a small handful of Temptations cat treats and Murphy gets a small bowl of Fancy Feast broth – yes, they are terribly spoiled, which is as it should be, in their not-so-humble opinion.)

Last night, however, Leo did not jump down.  Instead he put his front paws on my shoulders and demanded that I give his little face lots and lots of scritches.  Lots and lots.

He was purring and so happy.

And then …

He bit my nose.

He didn’t draw blood but it was a serious chomp – all four of his big pointy teeth were at play.


I don’t know who was more surprised.  Leo or me.

We just sort of looked at each other in pure amazement (and not a little pain, on my part); and then he jumped down and headed for the kitchen.

Was he trying to break the election night tension with some comic relief?  Was he giving me a toothy nose boop? 

Who the fuck knows.

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