Every time the commercial for Clear Blue Pregnancy Test comes on the TV (and for some reason it runs a lot during Ridiculousness – but then, so do ads for Teen Mom 2 – hmmm, suddenly I’m seeing a connection), I want to scream.

If you have been spared actually viewing this commercial, let me explain it to you.

A young couple are sitting on the floor of their bathroom waiting for the results of their pregnancy test.

She picks it up from the counter and is totally confused by the results.

Zip-zip-zip back – she reaches on the counter for her Clear Blue Pregnancy Test and

Ta-dah – it says “Pregnant”.

Think about it.  Neither one of them could figure out the results of the first pregnancy test.  Neither one of them.

Should a man and a woman who are not able, between them, to figure out the results of a plain-old, regular pregnancy test be trusted with the care and raising of a child?

Please, for the love of all that is holy –

Go find smarter people to have children with.


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