Even with turning the mattress now and then, I will eventually totally smush down my side of the bed.

Our last mattress, I had to stay decidedly toward the center or risk simply rolling downhill and waking up on the floor.

Enter Big Fig Mattress.

We’ve been hearing about this brand for some time now.

It is built specifically for fat people.

It is built specifically to resist the impact of fat (old lady) asses.

And, we now own one.

Admittedly, we have not had it for long, but I’m loving it.

It is a very firm, and really high mattress.

(So glad I didn’t opt for the foundation – as it is, when I sit on the edge my feet don’t touch the ground.)

We have a platform bed stand, with drawers underneath, and with the old mattress, not only were my feet touching when I sat on the edge (holding on for dear life so I didn’t slide downhill to the floor), it sometimes took a couple of tries to get my fat old lady ass up off the bed.

We have a foam mattress topper, but we may have to opt for something thicker and softer as my husband likes a less firm feel.  Me, I love a firm mattress.

So the battle is on – who will win the war of compression?  Big Fig or my fat old lady ass?

Stay tuned.


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