This is another little (wtf) post.

The only thing really rattling my cage right now is political in nature, and I’m really trying to keep this politically neutral (God (that I don’t believe in) help me).

Anyhow, there is this TV commercial that makes me go “huh” and chuckle at the same time.  (Okay, the first time I saw it, I laughed out loud.)

I love a TV commercial where you can spot the big lie, even with the sound off.

This is for a protein/energy bar called “Pure Protein”.

They advertise fairly regularly on Ridiculousness (one of my favorite TV shows).

In the ad, they show various people eating the bar, and doing exercise-y things, with the mantra – high protein, low sugar, tastes great; high protein, low sugar, tastes great; high protein, low sugar, tastes great.

The last shot is someone holding a Pure Protein Bar, that has been opened and a bite taken out, and there is a dog right next to the hand holding the Bar.

Tastes great my ass.

That dog couldn’t care less.

Doesn’t look, doesn’t sniff, totally ignores the food.

Since when does a dog ignore something delicious?

I think this is the height of hilarity.

Yes, I know the dog is a well-trained professional.

Yes, I know they are using the dog to make the product more relatable.

And I know they can’t let the dog eat the stuff (because I’m guessing it’s not good for dogs).

But in doing this, they have fucked up one of the main messages of their ad.

They should have used a cat.

No one would question the cat ignoring the product.

That’s what cats do.

Problem solved.


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