Okay.  I do apologize, but it feels like I needed to catch my breath there. 

Breath caught (at least for now).

How are my Cali peeps doing?  Everybody staying safe and dry? 

Yikes y’all.  One reason I moved was because of the never ending droughts.  Guess that’s not so much an issue for now, huh?  I hope as much as possible of this rain ends up in the empty reservoirs and aquafers. 

And no, we’re not moving back. 

Did everyone have good holidays? 

Mine were fine; just not what I’m used to.  Lots of family time.  That was different.  And mainly good.  I just started running out of steam by the end of the year. 

Got all the Xmas decos down and put away.  Yay me. 

Tweaked my back doing it.  Not so yay me.

My favorite thing about my holiday decos is my Boyd’s Bears Nativity set.  It’s the Boyd’s Bear characters doing a school pageant of the nativity and it’s stinking adorable.

Tell me I’m wrong, I dare you.

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