Yes, I know I didn’t post at all this week.  I am not used to being near family during the holidays and all the obligations that places on one’s time. 

To be clear, I am not complaining. 

I am really enjoying having Christmas with my family for the first time in over 40 years.

Something else I am not used to – wrapping presents. 

I spent most of yesterday wrapping presents.  The time spent in no way reflects quality of the wrapping job.  Presents from this fat old lady look like they were wrapped by Santa’s mentally challenged elves who are missing at least one thumb (fucking reindeer). 

It also doesn’t help with the alarming number of medical appointments I have.  Hopefully, this will calm down next year; as issues get dealt with and we slip into maintenance management. 

But right now, I have sore (left) shoulder (and a right shoulder that is in even worse shape, but for some reason doesn’t hurt as much) and lots of physical therapy appointments. 

Results from the hematologist – nothing wrong with my blood but I tested positive for “auto-immune” – which to me means: “we don’t have a fucking clue what’s causing this – so it’s your body’s fault – somehow.”  I’ll see them again in 6 months.  (I’m hoping I can convince my primary to do at least one check on my platelet numbers between then and now – just to make sure they are not dropping any more.)

Got a hunk cut out of my ear – some suspicious something.  Will get the stitches out the first week of January and find out (hopefully) what it was then (I know – it’s auto-immune!).

Had a Christmas dinner at my sister Karon’s with her boys (Kaden and Kylend), Elly (Kylend’s wife), Karon’s husband, my stepmom, my sister Linda, my sister-in-law Kathy and my grandniece Lennox.  It was the only weekend the boys had off (Kaden is a paramedic, Kylend is an EMT – but just finished everything except his national exam – to be a paramedic). 

Then that Sunday, Karon, Kylend, Elly and Kaden came over to our house and we made Christmas cookies!  So much fun.  Made peppermint meltaways, 7 layer cookies, crème de menthe bars, cut-out sugar cookies, and cornflake wreathes.  And the next day I made meringues with chocolate kisses inside.  Very festive.

And so much for my promises to stay inside and bake cookies when the weather/roads are bad.  We had a snow storm last night, not as bad as predicted, but a good lump of snow, and very windy (so drifting).  Bill and I tag-teamed the shoveling around my car and scraping windows, etc.  Then, we drove to Linwood (usually a 30 minute drive – over an hour today), with icy/snowy roads and snow blowing across the roads to the point of white-out.  So we could do Christmas with my nieces Heather and Heidi and their husbands and kids.  My sister Karon and her Bill, plus my sister-in-law Kim and her Bill were there too!  Oh, and my stepmom.  Heidi and her husband Zach own the Linwood Corners Café and they treated us all to whatever food we felt like eating (Bill had the meatloaf sandwich – served on thick-cut toasted garlic bread! And I had the Irish omelette – corn beef hash and Swiss cheese – yum!).  If you are in the area, the food there is so good and the portions are really generous. 

Was so nice seeing everyone, eating good food and watching the kids enjoy their presents. 

Then the drive home. 

Oh my.

The roads did not improve while we were enjoying ourselves.  In fact, the roads mostly got a lot worse.  Plowed, but the blowing snow seemed to make everything turn into ice.  Not super slick ice; bumpy thick ice.  Once we got on the freeway, things were better, and even when I got off onto a main drag it wasn’t too terrible.  Except there was some kind of problem, and we had to detour off the main drag onto back country roads.  Yikes.  But me and my manual transmission Toyota got us home – only to find the driveway had drifted so much that I couldn’t get in!  So poor Bill had to jump out and dig a pathway.

Meanwhile, I called our lawncare/snow removal people (Billy Goat Lawncare) and I was told that there had been a mix-up with the two crews – each thinking the other was covering our house; but that they’d be right over. 

And for the first time, I pulled into the garage.  Very snugly next to the Tesla, but I got in, and I plan to stay there until the roads are better – or it’s Christmas because we’re going to see more family that day.

So this fat old lady can still drive in the snow.  Good to know, and a skill that I intend not to exercise frequently. Hope you all have a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy.

Outside our bedroom window


  1. Teri – can only hope that your Christmas was half as gorgeous as the photo above – who needs Hallmark when you can look out your bedroom windw at THAT?

    Hope it was a super Christmas & a lovely New Year – we had to suffer through 60 degrees & sunshine yesterday for the Rose Parade, but you know we’re tough here in SoCal – we can
    take what Mother Nature delivers & slog on through. By kast night: thunder & rain & all so

    Happy New Year to all!

  2. Saw your comment to Regan re:pt for rotator cuff injury. GO FOR IT! Had my left shoulder
    replaced almost 3 years ago & still do some of the weight workI was given during the pt
    sessions – it REALLY pays off. Am 9 days out from knee replacement (worst post-op of ANY
    slice & dice I’e ever had) but the upper-body strength built up during the shoulder rehab has
    proved invaluable in moving my fat old broad’s body around. Never hurts to add a little brawn
    to all the feminine pulchritude, especially as we age. Keeps things more easily mobile & that’s
    the biggest – I think – advantage in developing more muscle. Cock an ear to the west & you’ll
    hear the California cheering section rooting for your recovery & new-built strength!

  3. So far my knees have (mostly) behaved (except for a few steroid shots some years ago). Relatives with knee replacements (sister and 2 cousins) all will vouch for the pain of the recovery from that surgery but will also vouch for how worth it it is. Cock your ear eastward and you’ll hear me cheering you on for full recovery from your surgery! We’re not only fat old broads – we’re tough old broads!

  4. Consider yourself part of a VERY exclusive group whom I’ve chosen to call the Tough Old
    Broads: M, former WMA agent & publicist; T, former actress; J -Emmy winning
    writer,Jane – original editor of BBW; and me. Some are widows, and there’s me, the spinster.
    We’ve all survived lifetimes in show business & publishing, family/health disasters, career
    tankings & renewals, and, as the song says “(We’re) Still Here!” We just keep slugging away & hanging on, trying to give a laugh where we can & get by. Seems you’ve earned your way
    in & we’d be honnored to have you, you tough-as-nails old bat you! Welcome!

    Thank you for the good thoughts – I’ll just take some more drugs & walk around the room

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