(And yes, I know, I’m a day behind.  Deal.)

We all understand the nature of comfort food – so it shouldn’t be difficult to understand what I mean by comfort TV.

It’s the stuff that hasn’t much value, but oh, it goes down so easy and makes you feel all cozy inside.

You know?

RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race hasn’t been offering episodes to stream; and there’s nothing on NetFlix that I just have to watch.

So what’s a fat old lady to do?

This fat old lady is rewatching all (or as much as I can get through) of the old series Monk (created by Andy Breckman – the guy whose album Don’t Get Killed, I recently recommended). 

After that, I may rewatch the NetFlix Series based on the Haunting of Hill House – depends on what is available. 

But for now, this fat old lady’s brain is on hold, enjoying some macaroni and cheese TV.

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