I went furniture shopping with my sister Karon.  Still had to get a couple chairs for the she-cave and furnish the living room (which currently has the bagged artificial tree under the low hanging chandelier – so we stop whacking our punkin heads against the damn thing (who hangs their chandelier so low – if we were using the room as a dining room, like it is supposed to be the thing would be in the soup!)), and a bunch of artwork to be hung or repaired and the remaining few boxes to be unpacked or at least stored).

If I counted steps, I am sure yesterday I would have broken all personal records.  Lord (TIDBI) that furniture store is huge.  And it’s filled with stuff that I wouldn’t even consider and a few treasures scattered hither and yon (mostly yon – as yon from each other as they could get). 

But I finally found two rocker/recliners for the she cave (on Clearance!) and a set of chair, sofa, loveseat and (huge) ottoman that would look great (although, actually, I’m thinking I probably need another one of those chairs – but I’m still thinking). 

Recliners – both in stock.  Hooray!

Loveseat and ottoman in stock … but the rest on backorder. 

Well shit.

Not only on backorder but most of the next shipment is already spoke for (as in paid for).


But I really like it, and mamma, mamma, don’t make me have to start over.

And apparently, a lot of other people really like it.

Which leads to the question – does that mean I have really excellent taste in furniture?  Or very pedestrian taste in furniture?

Know what?

Don’t care. 

You know what it is?  It’s comfortable.

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