Okay. Maybe not a buncha-bunch. A couple of new shows. But I really enjoyed watching them.

First, even though I insinuated that my personal tastes have matured beyond teenage angst – turned out I was wrong.  Latest season of Never Have I Ever was a winner.  I love this show.  While it is clearly sit-com stuff and verges on guilty pleasure, it has this thread of truth about modern teenage life running through it – and instead of turning it into a doom-and-gloom-athon, they somehow keep it (reasonably) light and funny and bizarrely sweet.

Then on the new show landscape – Glow Up. 

It’s the British Bake Off only with makeup.  I love all the interesting makeup looks that are done and I also love, love, love all the different UK accents (total ear candy).  And like most British “Reality” Shows – there is little of the personal drama.  The losers are upset, but eventually admit that the decision was fair.  And it’s kind of amazing all the different kinds of work there is for MUAs (“Make-Up Artists”).  You got your fashion weeks, TV shows, editorial shoots, commercial shoots, social media influencing, theater, creating original looks and having to replicate looks.  I’m not that much of a makeup person – as my almost always unadorned face will attest – but I found this show really interesting.

I’ve been following RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race and now I’m watching old episodes of Monk. Did you know the creator of Monk – Andy Breckman – used to do music? I absolutely adore his CD Don’t Get Killed.

And what have y’all been into?

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