Can you believe it?  I actually remembered to post today!  Alert the media!

Also, we are almost totally moved in.

It’s true.

There are only a couple of boxes of art that are not unpacked.  Except for the art, most everything else has found a place in our home. 

I have moved my computer from the kitchen island to the she cave; and I love it.  I have my area for work, and my area for making music, and my area for listening to music, and my table for doing crafts.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Next project will be hanging all the artwork that can be hung.

No surprise, the movers broke the glass on many framed pieces – so those have to be reframed.  And I have many pieces that are not matted that need total framing, and pieces that are matted but unframed. 

I was checking out the cost of framing at Michaels and holy-crap!  When did those prices go through the roof?  It used to be about $50 for a full framing, now it’s more like $90!  Per piece.

Fiddle-dee-dee. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

So almost there.  And another busy week ahead of me. 

Now, let’s see if I can remember to post again tomorrow! 

Indications are not good – I just typed this on the end of my file for Side Dish Recipes.  Glad I caught it or you would have had a very long blog post filled with recipes for oven baked fries, garlic bread, and bacon-wrapped asparagus!

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