Spending way too much time at the laptop watching shows on YouTube TV and Netflix – and Amazon Prime with my honey.

Just finished League of Our Own on Amazon Prime.  Please, please, please.  Watch it if you can.  I love the movie, but this series has all the feels but most especially the heart. 

Thought I had finished the most recent season of Locke & Key – and wouldn’t you know it – I was a full season behind.  So I have another whole season in front of me.  Whether or not I watch it is undecided at this time.  I like the premise but it just keeps going so far off the rails with the big bad for each season.  Add to that a big ol’ dollop of teenage angst, and I may have just aged out of this show.

Speaking of aging out – started the newest season of Never Have I Ever.  Again, not enjoying all the drummed up drama. 

Watched Junior British Bake Off.  A lot of fun to watch; however, be warned, these little cherubs actually cry when they have to leave the tent.  They try for that stiff upper lip crap, but most cannot carry it off.  And the set up is different – they only have to do 2 challenges per episode – the dreaded technical and the show stopper (except for the final competition).  And there are two groups – when the first group gets down to 4 kiddos left, we leave them and watch another group until they are down to 4 kiddos and then they bring the two groups together and we go through the whole rigamarole of getting that group down to the final 4.  The critiques are barely critiques too – everybody is oh so very kind to these little ones, even when they have obviously fucked up royally.

Got hooked into Help I’m in a Secret Relationship; probably done with that one. Too formulaic. And let’s face it each episode has about 10 minutes of actual content and the rest is repetition and time wasting.

Watching RuPaul’s celebrity drag race which I am very much enjoying – although the celebrities are people I haven’t heard of they are so far down the list.  And my hubby and I are enjoying Battle Bot Champions, Sin City Slug Fest, the Battle for the Golden Bolt – I think I got all of it’s titles right.  Jeez – they’re like prunes – is one enough? Are six too many?

So, yeah, I’m not totally unpacked yet.  But I am highly (okay, mostly) entertained.

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