Okay, about a year ago, I got hearing aids.  I’ve lost a bit of hearing – not a lot – but enough that hearing aids cut down on the number of times I ask people (and in particular, my dear husband) – “What did you say?” 

These are not top of the line hearing aids but they’re nice.  You can barely see them and my favorite part is they act like blue tooth devices in that the sound from my phone (like telephone calls and messages) come directly to my ears.  I can actually answer and hang up my phone by pushing on the button on the hearing aid.  Pretty cool.

Also, the audio output on my computer goes through the hearing aids.  So I can do my Duolingo or watch TV or NetFlix without the sound bothering anyone else. 

Again, pretty cool.

Here’s the problem. 

When I watch something scary, my immediate reaction is to plug my ears.  I can deal with a lot of horror delivered to my eyeballs if I don’t have to listen to it. 

With the hearing aids, this is not an option.  All I’m doing is pushing the hearing aids (and thus the sound that I’m seeking to avoid) further into my ears.

Well fuck.

Now, not only do I have to listen to the scary bits, I’m also reminded I’m old.

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