Clearly this show should be sponsored by Metamucil. (Add sound of rimshot here.)

Kind of a retake on the Sherlock Holmes/Watson story, from the point of view of the group of street children known as the irregulars.

Cool premise. 

If only they could have stuck to that premise.

But no ………

We have to add all kinds of supernatural crapola to the story (and you have to remember I am generally a fan of supernatural crapola) until it is teeters on the edge of the ridiculous – and then, oh noooooooooooooooooooooo, over the edge we go.

I did watch all 10 episodes – only because there were just 10 episodes, so I knew I’d be through with it fairly quickly and I kept hoping for something better. 


Have you watched this?  Did you like it?

Now I’m watching the most recent season of Locke & Key – it seems to have become teenage angst ridden during its hiatus.  Not sure how much more of this I can stand (especially when there is a new season of Never Have I Ever waiting – now, that’s teenage angst done right!).

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