I don’t know who is responsible for this – but I am sure that the taxpayers of Michigan just got diddled – and not in a fun way.

A few weeks ago, the main road that runs by our neighborhood was repainted. 

I thought it was weird, because they didn’t bother sweeping the road before they painted, so they just painted over all the rocks and stuff that had accumulated (especially in the center turn lane).  But WTF – it looked okay.

Fast forward 2 weeks after that – and we have traffic cones everywhere and the next thing you know – they fucking repave a large section of the (newly painted) road. 

And a couple of weeks after that, they repaint the newly paved road.

I fucking kid you not.

So we have sections newly painted, sections repaved and sections really newly painted – but they are still working on the repaving (lest you think they just painted everything to make it easy when just some sections were repaved).

Somebody fucked up. A lot.

Paved over the newly painted road awaiting a fresh coat of paint. WTF?


  1. It’s not just Michigan – they really ARE out to get you!

    Seriously – it’s the same everywhere. When I lived in Hollywood (Hollywood Blvd at Nichols
    Canyon Road) from 1976 – 1979, the city of L.A. made the same sidewalk & street repairs
    EVERY winter – for THREE years! Around mid-November, the sidewalk in front of my building
    would be torn up & a crew would be doing mysterious things to the drain pipes buried there.
    By mid-December, the sidewalk would be redone & the street would be dug up. By New Year’s, the street would be repaved, the pipes underneath repaired for whatever, and life went
    on. About 4 years ago, I noticed that the same stretch of street & sidewalk was being dug up
    AGAIN…and THREE years ago…and TWO years ago. Just think of what you have to look
    forward to!

  2. I guess I never lived in the same place during my LA years long enough to see any patterns like that! Yikes! Our tax dollars at work! All I saw in San Jose was the same part of 87 torn up and “repaired” but never really fixed because poor soil compaction kept that section like a roller coaster!

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