I know.  I missed posting (yet again).  Sorry (about |–| much). 

Our stuff FINALLY arrived on Saturday.  So as you can imagine we are in a frenzy of unpacking, and up to our respective tits in empty boxes, packing paper, packing tape, and unpacked boxes. 

What seemed like amazing organization at the time I packed boxes, it all seems to have, somehow (nay, even mysteriously) devolved into chaos.  As in, why the fuck would I put that into a kitchen/bathroom/bedroom box?  But you know, in packing, you are trying to maximize space and content.  So if there is a little bit of room, and some little thing that will fit – in it goes, whether or not it is true to the theme of the box.

Yes there is breakage.  Some is on me (if I packed it and it broke, it’s on me) and some is on the moving company; but overall things came through intact.  Although the hardware needed to put things back together seems to have gone missing.

And of course, not only are we unpacking – but we are washing everything because (a) it needed to be washed before it was packed; and/or (b) it’s been sitting in a warehouse in Sacramento for a month.  So the level of work is intensified. 

Still, given the fact that we are a couple of old farts (and one of us is a FAT OLD lady), we are making remarkable progress. 

And thus, I have remarked upon it.

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