I know I’m running one day behind.  What can I say? I was busy during the day yesterday and too tired at night to do any tippy-tapping on the keyboard for your amusement and edification.

Anyhow, one of the things I was busy with was seeing a new doctor. 

As you may recall, trying to find a new doctor who could see me sometime before I ran out of my prescriptions (and you do know I abide by the sentiment, better living through chemistry), was, to put it politely, a “challenge”. 

Well, y’all. I have a new doctor.

Yes, it is a hike to get to his offices.  No, he is not a D.O. – which is what I was hoping for. 

However, imho, he’s something better – he used to be a physical therapist!  I LOVE physical therapists.  They have a practical understanding of how bones and muscles work that many doctors lack – even D.O.s. 

For example, my favorite D.O. at Kaiser was helping me with boo-boo knees after something went twang after a performance of (the all-female version) 1776.  He examined the knee, he took x-rays of the knee, he had an MRI of the knee done  – and he told me how I have arthritis in the knee (with some bone spurs) and the meniscus is torn in the middle (where it tends not to heal because of lack of circulation).  He also sent me to a physical therapist.  The PT listened to my tale of woe and then said, “Well, all of that may be true; but what’s causing the pain is this and this is what you do to fix it.”  And he was right!  She showed me how to massage the injured area and before you knew it, I could walk without a cane again!  Yay for physical therapists.

Anyhow, not only was he a PT – he did not mention my weight.  Not. Once. 

We discussed my diabetes (in a weight-neutral manner).  We discussed my back (in a weight-neutral manner).  We discussed my borderline high blood pressure (in a weight-neutral manner). 

Oh, and bonus – they take your blood pressure manually at this place! 


To say I am pleased and relieved is a massive understatement.  So if you live in the Chesaning area and you want a delightful doctor – may I recommend Dr. Joginder Singh.

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