Faygo Pop. 

OMG.  This stuff comes in every flavor – many not found in nature.  And they have diet versions too.

Of course, diet soda is always risky.  Diet Coke – delicious. Diet Pepsi – ewwwww.  (And yet, I prefer regular Pepsi over regular Coke – go figure.) Diet Vernors – heaven (as long as you don’t let any of it get up your nose – then it’s torture in a can).

So I was at Meijer today doing some grocery shopping.  (Nobody else in this area appears to carry both Organic (ultra-pasteurized) 1% milk (shopping tip – this stuff has an expiration date of 30 days or more!) and heavy cream in a quart size container (because this is our lightener of choice for our coffee – and we drink a lot of coffee … okay, I drink a lot of coffee).

Anyhow, I am currently on a hunt for club soda in a can – something that is apparently unheard of in the Tri-City Michigan area – and I’m in the soda (aka pop) aisle and I see they have diet versions of two of my all-time favorite Faygo Pop flavors – Cream soda and Rock & Rye (crème cola).

Because you never know what you’re getting with diet soda, I got 2 bottles of each.  One each for me and my husband. 

So right now, as I am typing away, hopefully for your entertainment, I am sipping on a bottle of sweet fizzy childhood – (diet) Rock & Rye Faygo Pop. 

By the way, I grew up calling carbonated non-alcoholic beverages “pop” but 44 years in California broke me of that habit and I now refer to it as “soda” – except for Faygo.

Faygo will always be “pop” to me.

Just a few of Faygo’s many flavors (i.e., Candy Apple, Pineapple Watermelon, etc.)


  1. It’s amazing what a sip or nibble of some childhood favorite treat will do for you – am sure you remember the
    acting class maxim that the most powerful memory trigger is the smell and/or taste of a specific food. Tried
    the Cotton Candy flavor once (from Geico’s Soda Pop Stop in Highland Park) & it was delicious – took me
    back to the LA County Fair in 1956 – you’ll likely find lots of things that bring back memories now that you’re
    settling in to your Michigan life. Enjoy!

  2. I love the LA Fair memory. That is one thing I’ve missed since moving to Northern California (and now even further away) – going to the LA County Fair. Every year, a friend and I would take off work in the middle of the week so we could go when the crowds were down.

  3. Have missed the last couple of years – it’s on again this year but am in no shape to really enjoy it – well, NEXT year. Always look forward to seeing all the crafts (am green with envy at the quilting, something I’ve never
    tried to do) & the pig races – always LOVED pigs & watching them run is so funny. And of course, all that
    insane food – if someone can fry it, the fair will have it. (Is there such a thing as FRIED cotton candy?) Isn’t
    there a HUGE state fair in Michigan? Maybe one in your county, too – the fairs I’ve been to in the midwest
    were all really fun. If you go, would love to hear about the fair-going adventures of the old fat lady.

  4. I sure hope there are some good fairs to go to. And if I go, you know, I’m going to have to blog about it! I loved the crafts at the LA County Fair – quilting however is not my thing. I can admire all the hard work, but it is just something I don’t want to try. My sister, Linda, however, is a great quilter.

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