The backyard of our new home has many trees, plants, shrubs, and behind us runs a swath of woods.  It’s truly lovely.

One of my favorite things now is, as it gets dark (and it gets dark quite late in Michigan summers), to sit on the bench we have in our sunroom, listen to the birds (and sometimes neighbors’ dogs barking – what can you do), the wind in the trees, and watch the fireworks.

Our fireworks do not go BOOM and scare the piss out of animals and annoy grumpy fat old ladies.

Our fireworks are provided by the many, many fireflies we have in our backyard. 

Even in my grumpiest, most depressed mood – the sight puts a smile on my face. 

We sit there and ooh and ahhh, just like others do at much louder and brazen displays.

Some are right next to the window, and some are back near the woods, and everywhere in between. 

I knew I loved fireflies. 

I just didn’t know how much I missed them.

Happy 4th of July, y’all.

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