Just finished watching the most recent season of Umbrella Academy.  Such a good show.

Lots of new characters this season; and to really understand it, you should watch the previous seasons because lots of callbacks and the storyline is difficult enough to follow even if you are up-to-date.

And this is the season starring Elliot Page; really love how it is handled.

And of course the, “is it the end” ending – which I’m not a huge fan of, but at least there was no cliff hanger.

For some reason, Netflix decided to not show me the “still watching” list – so I could get back to Stranger Things, so instead I started God’s Favorite Idiot – which looks like a lot of fun.  Only watched one episode so early days.

So that’s all the excitement here (yawn).  Still no word on our belongings; and tomorrow Berta goes to see her new vet (only I had a nightmare about it – with the vet screaming at me because Berta is such a fatty – you can imagine how well that was going down with me). 

Anything else out there I should be paying attention to?


  1. Thanks for this interesting post. Umbrella Academy isn’t my genre of show, but my husband is going to check it out. You asked for recommendations. We just finished watching “Pistol” on Hulu. It’s about the Sex Pistols, from the memoir penned by their guitarist Steve Jones. Very interesting exploration of their early days, and their blighted end. Even if you’re not a punk fan, if you like rock and roll you’d probably enjoy it. There’s a lot of fun, high energy and only a little drug use or violence. There’s also quite a bit about Chrissie Hynde’s (The Pretenders) story – she was a friend of theirs.

    • My husband would love the Sex Pistols show. But right now we’re holding solid with YouTube TV. If we add, we will probably go to the Hulu/Disney + package. But right now we’re good with just Netflix and Youtube TV

  2. Thank the powers that be for television – as you sit there in your still-unfurnished new home (looks SO
    pretty from the pic you posted)you can get some pleasure whilst crouching on the floor. Had heard about
    “Umbrella” – trust your review so am now going to watch it. Have been retreating into the past & watching
    shows from the ’80s….when life seemed saner.
    Hope you get your stuff SOON – the whole lliving minus furniture, microwave, etc really is a drag.

  3. Not totally bare. The previous owner left four barstools, so we pretty much live at the kitchen island. And we do have all the appliances (after replacing the microwave that went snap, boom, smoke on us). And the first day here I went and bought a bed (we had an inflatable mattress from my sister to use until the bed arrived). Yesterday, I went and bought 2 chairs and a settee and coffee table (where the top lifts up to be a desk). And we’ll get those on Thursday – so at least we’ll have some other seating options. Going to need a bunch of furniture because it’s a big house and we are using our old living room furniture (if it ever shows up) in the sunroom.

  4. THAT sounds like fun – shopping for almost anything can be a pleasure, but furniture is up there with car
    shopping. You find unique things, like the coffee table – have never seen one that hides a desk. Sounds
    like the house is coing together. Enjoy!

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