I still don’t know where our belongings are.  It is quite likely that they are sitting in a warehouse in California. 

Yes.  Still.

Needless to say, I am less than happy with our moving company – American Van Lines.

I am making daily calls to them and being assured that someone will get back to me by then end of the day and then nobody gets back to me. 

So here I am calling them. Yet again. 

In fact, my third phone call that day. 

The person I am talking to tells me that she has to look something up.  There is a bunch of laughter and other happy sounds going on in the background.  Given how badly this company has fucked up in its service to us, these happy sounds are not making a good impression on this fat old disgruntled customer.

Then I suddenly get dead silence.  No hold music.  Nothing. 

At first, I think that the person muted herself.  But the silence goes on and on and I’m starting to suspect that I’m about to get that nasty dial tone.

And I say to my husband, “Please tell me this bitch didn’t hang up on me.”

And I immediately hear a voice on my phone, “Oh no.  I’m still here.”


Note to self, keep your fucking mouth shut unless you are absolutely positively sure you are on hold or have been hung up on.

I’m never getting my stuff back.

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