I am on a Ramen kick.

Nom, nom, nom.

It’s my go-to lunch during the week. 

I don’t do the spicy kind.  Just plain ol’ chicken Ramen.

I never really thought about what is in it.

I really don’t ever want to think about what is in any of the food I am ingesting.  If it tastes good to me, don’t tell me something that will ruin it for me.  It’s like the gooshy parts inside of me.  I just don’t want to know.

Now, however, I’m wondering – just a little.

Our fat cat Berta loves FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.  Any kind of FOOOOOOOOOD.  She is all about the FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Because she is diabetic, we don’t let her have a lot of non-diabetic-cat-friendly treats; so when she is offered something different, she is thrilled.

I offered her my (mostly) empty Ramen bowl the other day.

And she turned her nose up to it!


This cat never refuses anything!!!!! What is in this stuff????????

So now I’m worried. Not worried enough to actually look at the label, but just a smidge worried.

But hey, truth be told, I’m just here for the noodles and the high salt content.

Besides, a gazillion college students couldn’t all be wrong about Ramen, right?

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