This is how dumb I can be.

Last week, my legs suddenly started hurting a lot. It started with leg cramps waking me up in the wee hours – the kind of leg cramps where the spasming muscle will not release no matter what you do?  So painful.

And after that my legs were so painful.  I shuffled along like Tim Conway’s old man character. 

This, with my bum back, is making me feel every second of my (admittedly considerable) age.

I was thinking, somehow, the leg pain was connected to my back problems.  Seems reasonable, because it’s all connected. Your back hurts, so you adjust your movement to accommodate any pain/weakness; which puts strain on other parts of your body.

Then I realized, the day before it all started – was the day I went for my x-rays. 

The day I had to park in a different zip code from the hospital where the x-ray department is.

The day I had to hobble my sorry fat old lady ass all that way (with a bad back) to and from the x-ray department and my parked car. 

Yeah, that day.

I’ll bet you didn’t need pencil and paper to figure out what caused the sudden onset of the pain in my legs. 

I guess my brain was otherwise occupied.  D’oh.

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