My Mom was somewhat notorious for starting projects and not finishing them. 

Later in life, she did pick up the hobby of doll making and she did finish a lot of these and they are lovely.

But the project that she did complete that means the most to me is a simple counted cross-stitch, that she designed herself. 

It says:

God respects me when I work

But he loves me when I sing

And she had a brunette lady typing away at a desk and another brunette lady, dressed like my costume from the Fischer Troupe (5 seasons in Frankenmuth at the Fischer Opera Haus). 

My mother never had much to say about my performing – or anything that I did – I always thought we were just expected to do well; but this project lets me know how she really felt; and while I don’t believe in God, I so love that she also felt this way about me and found this way to let me know.

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