I am trying something new with my Dikke Dame dolls – I am making multiple dolls at the same time.  One of my grandnieces wants some Dikke Dame dolls, so I am making her those and I am making one more doll as part of my “Alice” group – a take on the Cheshire Cat.

So this means I’m making 4 dolls at once. 

It’s kind of cool. 

I have 4 heads ready and 8 little ears.  I just started the first body.

It really helps me work out issues I have with some of the instructions that I’ve never figured out.  When you make one doll at a time – you get through it, mistakes and all, and never can focus on what is going on.  But when you’re doing the same body part time after time – you start to learn what works better and best. 

I have also been thinking that I need to make more of my soft yarn versions of the Dikke Dame doll – they are so cute and cuddly.  These I make, strictly nude.  With nipples, belly buttons and body hair. 

And it gives me something useful to do while I continue to wade through the unending saga of the Winchester brothers on Supernatural.  Chuck damn it – will this show never end?  (I bitch, but I still like the show enough to continue with the struggle – but the struggle is real.)

So if you’re looking for me – I’m the fat old lady in front of the computer with an earbud in one ear, crochet hook in one hand and an unfinished Dikke Dame body part in the other.

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