This time, I didn’t forget to do a post.  This time, I was just too tired.  I mean, I was literally falling asleep at the keyboard.  So I took my sleepy fat old lady ass to bed (after I made myself a drink (nothing exciting I assure you – Sunkist Lemon Lime powder and water – do I know how to live or do I know how to live?); checked the cats’ food and water and refreshed both; checked my blood sugar, did my insulin shot, and took my cinnamon tablets – yup, right after that I went directly to bed.)

Anyhow, why so sleepy?

Well, yesterday, I went to our HMO to get two injections (tetanus booster and new shingles vaccine – I had gotten the shingles vaccine years ago – just before they pulled it from the market as no good).

By the way, if you don’t think COVID is kicking our ass – go over to Kaiser.  They had to set up security people to direct traffic because the cars trying to get to either COVID testing or vaccines (and my guess it’s mostly testing) runs off the facility and blocks past the Kaiser grounds.  It gave myself 45 minutes to get to Kaiser (we live about 5 minutes away) and I barely made it to my appointment on time.  (And it was worse the day before when I had an appointment with my gynecologist – and you can thank me later for deciding not to post about that.)


The nurse giving me the injections (who did a great job remembering not to pinch) warned me that both shots are going to make my arm hurt – and you can’t get them both in one arm – and that the shingles one often causes fever and body aches.  Oh boy!  (And this is just shot one of a two-part series).  Also the shingles shot burns going in.  (Pretty much Merthiolate in shot form – and no I did not remember which one burns, I had to look it up.  Did you know, Merthiolate was sometimes described as “tincture of hellfire”. Well, now you know.)

So off I go on my merry way, hoping to get off the Kaiser campus in less than 20 minutes (because of the traffic directors, it went easy-peasy, thank you traffic directors). 

On my way to my car, I noticed that I felt woozy. 

I’m, like, WTF? Shots don’t make me woozy.  No side effects whatsoever from both Pfizer and booster for COVID.  But I am feeling definitely woozy and was glad to get my fat old lady ass seated in my car.  I waited a few minutes to make sure I was good to drive (I was).

The nurse did not lie.  Both arms hurt.  In fact, my whole body ached – bad enough that I took 3 ibuprofens – which helped, but did not knock out the pain all the way. 

And, like I said, by midnight, I’m snoozing at the keyboard.  (I usually stay up until 1 or 2 a.m. and then have trouble falling asleep.) 

And this morning, the tetanus arm is fine, but the shingles arm has a bruise and is very tender to the touch, plus I had a real problem getting out of bed today.  (Even more than usual, because I often want to stay in my cozy bed; especially when I have Berta snuggled up next to me.) 

I’m alert now (thank you caffeine gods) but that Shingles arm is still hurting and God (TIDBI) forbid I have to move it for any reason.

And that’s why I didn’t post last night – Because SHINGLES DON’T CARE!

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