Remember Mochi?  My fluffy little ball of fuck-you? 

Because she was blind and had a penchant for peeing and pooping wherever the mood struck her, I created “Mochi-land” in our den, covering large areas with pee pads.  Worked great.

Fast forward to the reign of Berta.

Berta has diabetes and that can make a cat pee – a lot.  And she does.

Boy, does she pee. 

She also has a habit (the animal shelter where I got her from warned me – just as they were handing her to me) of hanging her hind end out of the litter box and letting fly.

And she does. A lot.

So, I am on my third type of pee pads, trying to find one that will absorb Berta’s copious amounts of pee without leaking. 

The last kind I tried claimed to be able to absorb up to 6 cups of fluid! 

Either they lied or Berta regularly pees more than 6 cups of fluid at a time.  (I’m leaning toward untruthfulness – because, while Berta’s pee capacity is prodigious, I just don’t believe she pees a quart and a half on a regular basis.)

So now I am using Large, premium pee pads, – and THEY WORK!!!!

I am so happy.

I am so tired of folding up pee pads (supposedly, wet side folded in) and still having soggy fingers (and floor) because it just was not up to the job. 

Berta seems to like these too – because as soon as I put a new one down, she is in there wetting it down!  (Good thing I bought a large amount – and I guess I should see if I can get them on automatic shipment because I foresee going through a shit ton (or should I say a piss pot) of them.)

Or maybe Berta is just trying to come up to the challenge of soaking through these new pads. 

Whatever, for now, my hands and floors are happily unsoggy.

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