I am a big fan of Charlaine Harris.  So when BookBub offers one of her books at a bargain price, I tend to snap them up.  This also means, that I find myself “starting” a series on Book 2 or 3.  In this case, A Longer Fall is Book 2 in the “Gunnie Rose” series. 

I liked the book, although, for a change, I was more interested in the plot than the characters.  Usually, Charlaine Harris’ characters are what I like the most in her books.  This was a mystery/thriller with some statements on society and a touch of supernatural (magic) tossed in.

The lead character, Elizabeth Rose, is a “gunnie” – someone who shoots people for a living.  She has been hired to be part of a crew, to guard something being transported into “Dixie” (a place of, surprise, surprise, racial discrimination and misogyny – oh and they hate wizards too). 

Now, here’s the thing I found most confusing about this book.  I cannot tell you when it was supposed to be.  It seems to be an alternate history, where the United States has been divvied up into various countries – Dixie (part of the South), Texorana (? I’m trying to remember this and we all know how piss poor this fat old lady’s memory is), Segundo Mexico; Mexia; some part run by the Russians, some part run by the English.  I don’t know, there’s a map in the front of the book and you can look at that if that’s your thing.  It seems to be early turn of the century, maybe?  They have cars; they have trains – but they also have highways (!)  I may have to read the first book simply to find out WTF or WTF (where or when) this is taking placing. 

Like I said, the plot was good.  Kept me guessing (what is in that crate and what is it for and who are the various parties who want to get their hands on it and for what purpose – so many questions). 

Teensy bit of sex, lots of killing, and a little bit of magic.  Over all.  I give this a solid B; which is disappointing to me because usually I find Charlaine Harris’ books to be a solid A.  On the other hand, this reads like a Western, and I’m not a fan of that genre, which may be (at least part of why) this particular series is not as appealing to me.

But if you run into this book at the library or for a bargain price, it is worth a read – if you’re looking for something interesting but not all that thought provoking.

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