I just finished reading Billy by Pamela Stephenson.

The Billy in question is one of my favorite comedians – Billy Connolly.

Pamela is Billy’s wife, and accomplished actress and comedian in her own right, and has a Phd in psychology!  I suspect she may be the only person on this green earth who had (or gained) the right credentials to undertake life with someone as creative, intelligent, traumatized and impetuous as Billy Connolly.

The book is a fascinating read.  Full of wonderful stories about Billy as well as heartbreaking stories about his childhood.  Pamela has such great insight and understanding for a husband who, to say the least, cannot always be a joy to live with. 

I am reminded of my stepmother once commenting on how often people would say to her, “Your husband is so funny. It must be a laugh a minute living with him.”  You can imagine the tone she used for her response of “yes”.  It’s not easy to live with someone who is a laugh-a-minute – nor is it actually a laugh-a-minute. 

So if you are a fan of Billy Connolly (and if you’re not – go watch some of his work and you will be), I highly recommend this book

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