While my dear husband and I were on vacation my laptop died.  Not even a year old and it died.  Dead.  Deceased.  Shuffled off it’s mortal coil.  An ex-laptop.

I got home, looked up the purchase info and, sure as shit, I had bought the extended coverage on the laptop (because, sometimes (and I can’t emphasize “sometimes” enough) I do something smart).  I contact Asurion (Amazon’s go-to for extended warranty coverage) and they responded promptly, telling me that they would send me the materials for me to use in shipping the bereft-of-life laptop back to them. 

And said materials actually arrived in a timely fashion.

I packed up the ceased-to-be laptop and took it over to UPS to ship. 

And in a timely fashion, I get an email telling me Asurion has, indeed, received the laptop which I was pretty sure was NOT pining for the fjords or kipping on its back or tired out from a particularly long squawk. 


A week later, another email telling me that they are still looking at the bleeding demised laptop.

Then nothing.

Until I get an email from Amazon asking me to do a review on Asurion!!!

Really?  You have my off-the-twig laptop, I’ve heard nothing and you want a REVIEW?

Oh, I have a review for you!

Next day, Asurion contacts me because (a-hem) I seem to be a wee bit unhappy.  (Figured that out with or without pencil and paper?)

Suddenly, I get an email telling me that they are “evaluating” a proper replacement for my laptop because they can’t do anything with it (beautiful plumage or not).  My laptop had, indeed run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible

And “customer service” (term used as lightly as possible) sends me yet another email telling me that they can’t help me, I have to contact their replacement department.

Couple of days go by.  (I’m simmering, I’m not ready to call the replacement department quite yet.  I need to get a good rolling boil on.)

And I get an email from Asurion, saying here’s your Amazon giftcard for the full purchase price of your ex-laptop. 

Okay then.

Granted, I would have preferred to have the refund in a form where I could buy my replacement laptop anywhere, but I’m willing to work with them. 

Found a comparable new laptop (not a Samsung which was the make of the original laptop) and it’s on its way.  And you know I bought extended coverage for this one too (because my mother only raised one stupid child, and it wasn’t me … or my sister).

Anyhow.  The gist of the whole thing is I don’t save much to my hard drive.  All my files are on an external.  So I should have no problem in reloading what I need on the old laptop and going on my merry way spreading joy hither and yon.

(Acknowledgement to Monty Python and my blatant lifting of their cleverer than I use of the English language.)

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