I had an appointment with my psychologist today.

It went well. 

It went well because I am over my latest bout of depression.  She has never seen me not depressed. 

Paint my psychologist surprised. She had no idea this is the person I really am.

Today, I was my usual (fucking delightful) self. 

I did talk to her about how I don’t have any goals or dreams anymore. 

We talked about it, and she brought up things I had said in past meetings and then she said something that was just so true.

I no longer have goals of ambition and self-fulfillment.

I now have goals of the heart. 

I want to spend time with my family. 

Get to know the young ones.

Get to know the in-between ones better.

And spend time with the old ones.

Isn’t that a lovely thought? 

To have goals of the heart?

I like that. 

It’s nice to have goals again.

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