Here’s a tip – hot flashes and thermal garments do NOT play well together.

This is the voice of experience.

Fall has arrived in Northern California.  Often October is one of the hottest months of the year in California (due to the Santa Ana winds) – but not so much this year.  For a couple of weeks temps have been in the mid-60s and lower.  I know in Michigan this is swimming weather but for us thin-blooded Californians it’s a little bit chilly.

So I pulled out a thermal top to wear.

Very cozy. 

Until the hot flashes started that evening.

OMG, I was wearing my own personal sauna. 

The cooling air from my fan couldn’t penetrate the top – which, of course it couldn’t. That’s what thermals are for – to keep the cold out; so I can’t blame the top – just the fat old lady who chose to wear the damn thing.

I tried taking it off and sitting at my computer in just my bra (there’s a visual for you); but as soon as the hot flash was over, I was freezing and it was a hassle to put the top back on.

What’s a fat old hot flashing lady going to do? 

Since I started hormone suppressants, I might have a few hot flashes per evening.

For some reason, the hot flashes decided to pick up the pace and frequency – they kept coming and going – hot then cold, hot then cold … kind of like Michigan weather in the summer.

I ended up taking my arms out of the sleeves when I had a hot flash and wearing the top around my neck like a backwards scarf. 

Worked perfectly. 

Hot flash coming on?  Top around the neck and fan on.  Ahhhhhh, blessed relief.

Hot flash over?  Arms back in sleeve and it’s still warm and cozy.  Ahhhh, blessed warmth.

So until and unless this hot flash nonsense abates, my thermal tops are staying tucked away in their drawer! 

Lesson learned.

Thank you for listening to this uncomfortable fat old lady.

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