Netflix has been catching some backlash over the casting of the role of Stagecoach Mary in it’s film The Harder They Fall.

Netflix is accused of colorism in its casting because the woman portraying Mary is much lighter-skinned than the real Mary.

Oddly enough, almost nobody is mentioning the fact that the real Stagecoach Mary was also a very large woman – weighing over 200 pounds. 

So Netflix could have looked for a woman who actually looked like the historical figure Stagecoach Mary Fields; but instead went with thin and light skinned.

I would like to think that Stagecoach Mary would not find the humor in this situation either because she was a woman who was proud and liked herself – just as she was.

In her own words:

I am Mary Fields.
People call me “Black Mary.” 
People call me “Stagecoach Mary.”
I live in Cascade, Tennessee.
I am six feet tall.
I weigh over two hundred pounds.
A woman of the 19th Century, I do bold and exciting things.
I wear pants.
I smoke a big black cigar.
I drink whisky.
I carry a pistol.
I love adventure.
I travel the country, driving a stagecoach, delivering the mail to distant towns.
Strong, I fight through rainstorms.
Tough, I fight through snowstorms.
I risk hurricanes and tornadoes.
I am independent.
Nobody tells me what to do.
Nobody tells me where to go.
When I’m not delivery mail, I like to build buildings.
I like to smoke and drink in bars with the men.
I like to be rough.
I like to be rowdy.
I also like to be loving.
I like to be caring.
I like to baby sit.
I like to plant flowers and tend my garden.
I like to give away corsages and bouquets.
I like being me, Mary Fields.

Stagecoach Mary 1832-1914

What a wonderful, interesting person.  What a chance to portray this woman as she truly was. And Netflix could only think about appearance. 

Shame on you Netflix.  I am so disappointed (but sadly not surprised).

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