When I was a kid almost all “medicine” was delicious – and no, I’m not speaking of the ones they injected into your rosy little butt cheeks.  I’m talking about the stuff they gave you to swallow.

I don’t know what brand liquid vitamin my mom got for me when I was a wee one – but I loved that stuff.  It was an orange-ish brown and had a somewhat lemony flavor and came in a big pump bottle.  When I was big enough to get onto the counter, I would drink that stuff like soda pop.  Yum.  I guess that was the point when my mom figured if I was big enough to climb up and get to the vitamins, I was big enough to swallow vitamin pills (none of that Flintstone chewables in this house). 

And baby aspirin – the orange ones – so good.  At least, I had the common sense not to eat handfuls of those.  I find the flavor of orange Tic-Tacs to be reminiscent of those aspirins.  And I was so happy when my doctor wanted me to take a baby aspirin a day (as a preventative for heart attack) and equally unhappy when she told me to quit taking them because the scientific opinion about the necessity of taking baby aspirin had changed.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

The only childhood medicine I could not tolerate was cough syrup.  I have never ever found a type or flavor of cough syrup that I could stand.  Just nasty nasty stuff.  As a kid, I would choke it down when necessary; but as an adult, my body totally rejects cough syrup of any nature – it comes right back up in the form of projectile vomiting.  My body would rather just cough up a lung than have that stuff enter my body – so I make do with lozenges, which, truth be told, are really little more than slightly medicine-y life savers. 

Now I have no delicious medicines – just lots and lots of bitter little pills and bitter great big honkin’ pills. 

If only they could put them all into a yummy lemony flavored syrup in a big pump bottle!

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