First, you may have noticed that I am struggling with a consistent title for Tuesdays. I know, I can’t believe that I’ve run out of theater stories already – okay, I haven’t, but I can never think of them come Tuesday. So any Tuesday blog fodder ideas that I can do in rotation with Theater Tuesdays would be so appreciated.

Thank you. And now back to your irregularly scheduled fat old lady blog.

We tend to not watch a whole lot of TV – we’re more of a podcast household – but we have our regulars.

So happy The Daily Show, or rather, The Daily Social Distancing Show, is back from hiatus; it’s where we get a lot of our news. 

Ridiculousness never fails to amuse me.  Okay, some shows are better than others but there is usually at least one gem in there that gives me a good solid laugh. 

Can you believe, I’m still slogging through Supernatural?  Up to season 9.  Given the nature of the show, you can’t really say they ever “jump the shark” – because really it’s just weird and weirder.  Just when you think it can’t get any weirder – SURPRISE!  But the male leads are such eye candy (and yes, I include Crowley, King of Hell – he’s adorable). 

Wellington Paranormal continues to be really great.  We’re staring at the season finale coming up and I’m not ready to have it go away.  Why such a short season? 

Watching Star Girl – Summer School.  Meh.  Stupid teens doing stupid things.  Everyone promising “no secrets” and then everybody has bunches of secrets. 

I have lots of new episodes of great shows (like Sex Education, Never Have I Ever, The Great British Baking Show, Black Mirror, The Kominsky Method, Special, and lots and lots more) stacking up behind Supernatural.  I need to get back to doing my Dikke Dame Dolls because they are the perfect thing to do while watching shows that don’t require my complete attention (and let’s face it, my complete attention is not what it used to be – but hey, with rewind, it’s all good).

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