People who know me, know that I am not easily horrified.

I am now kind of horrified.

The skin on my nipple is peeling.


I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.  But mostly, I’ll probably laugh (with just a dash of hysteria).

I have entered bizarro-world. 

The skin on your nipple isn’t supposed to peel.  I didn’t even know it could peel.  It’s just wrong on so many levels. 

Somehow that skin seems like it should be somehow sacrosanct.




  • 1.(especially of a principle, place, or routine) regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with

It’s just so stupid.

And here’s the thing. 

I’m the lucky one.  I’m the one who barely has had cancer. 

I’m the one who had it caught early, and didn’t have to have chemo, and only had to have 3 weeks of radiation. 

But the fucking skin on my nipple is peeling.

Don’t ever underestimate what people with cancer go through. 

And remember, I’m the lucky one.


  1. Oh dear – was afraid that might happen. For some of us, the peeling is on other parts of the breast – you just
    got lucky. It’s the reason for putting all those creams on the skin,, as protection against this kind of result.
    Best I can say is that I DO understand: no, nipple didnt peel but damn close & scared me to death when it
    began. BUT – it WILL heal. Just takes some time & being VERY gentle with the peeling area…VERY,VERY
    gentle. And yes, mine was caught early too (barely into Stage 2), but somehow it’s small consolation when
    you’re seeing your skin discolor, peel & flake, and it’s so sore you can’t breathe on it without it hurting like a
    real SOB.
    Just remember: This WILL go away – just be patient & keep finding things to laugh at or you’ll surely go
    tits up & won;t be able to keep your friends abreast of your progress, (Sorry, but if there’s a pun out there
    Auntie Carol will find it).

    Be well – be gentle with the skin – we’re ALL wishing you the very best of healing experiences.

  2. Had my skin check appointment today. They gave me a mix of aquaphor and calmoseptine ointment (basically diaper rash cream for adults) that you spread on with a tongue depressor and which has menthol in it to help with the pain. It helps a little. I have another skin check appointment next week because my skin “isn’t quite where it should be” – I guess so. It shouldn’t be pulling off my body and leaving red wet patches with white spots! I’m starting to feel better about it because I had a couple of days that the rawness under the boob went away – but then it’s back today. But at least I know the healing is possible now. Your puns are terrible – but I admit that “tits up” made me chortle with glee.

  3. Then my day’s work is done – give one laugh a day & I’ve done my bit for humanity,provided it’s a human I
    can tolerate ( there are SO few).

    Glad to hear that you know you will heal – from your pix & videos you appear to be quite fair skinned & that
    could contribute to the problem: fair skin tends to be more delicate than darker tones.

    Keep the faith & keep slathering on the goop – it really will work.

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