Live theater is on its way back. 

Auditions are still mostly by video submission, but we are promised that the rehearsals and performances will be live – back in the theater and, hopefully, before a live audience.

Right now, I feel I am in no shape for auditioning. 

But while I’m recuperating, this seems a good time for me to start getting back into shape (and no “round is a shape” jokes, please – I’m much more ovoid in shape anyhow). 

I need to start singing.  Neighbors be damned.  If my husband has to suffer through it, so can you!

And I need to start moving.  Look out Richard Simmons – my back is decidedly better and I also have a mobile bike repair service coming out to get my stationary bike back up and operating.

I need to start building up my lung capacity.  Kaiser gave me a little plastic toy for that. 

And there’s always my French Horn (although right now, I think I’m too pooped to toot – and if the neighbors are bugged by my vocalizing, imagine how they’re going to feel about my getting the old lungs and embouchure back in shape?  HA!  Go talk to the HOA, that’s what they’re there for!)

Maybe I should drag out the ukulele. It won’t help my breathing but at least it shouldn’t lead to written complaints!

How much of the above will I actually accomplish?

Fuck if I know. 

But at least I have a plan.

How about you? 

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