Yes.  I have a couple DVDs of Richard Simmons’ Sweating to the Oldies series.

Yes, that’s how old this fat old lady is.

Yes, they are cheesy as fuck. 

But I keep dragging ol’ Richard out because it’s the only exercise routine that I actually enjoy.  The illusion that I am actually dancing – or at least attempting to learn a dance routine. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

It was a Richard and me kind of day today.

My back is “sprung” but it is getting better.  I figure I will try the various exercise routines and see what does and does not cause me pain or causes my back to get worse.  I’m hoping to hone in on the problem, so I can have a regular type of exercise (avoiding the problems) that I will actually participate in. 

But oh does it make me sad when I compare how I used to do these routines and how I practically hobbled through them today. 

And the saddest thing is my barely moving version makes me sweat just as much as my full-out, let’s DO this version that was part of my not-that-long-ago exercise routine. 

And that is exactly why I’m back to letting Richard Simmons egg me on to do the best I can – because it is absolutely true as you get older – move it or lose it. 

With the breast cancer thing going on, each doctor has been adamant about exercising.  Not for weight loss (thank God (TIDBI) for small mercies) – but so my body can tolerate everything that they are going to do to it. 

Of course, they all want me to walk.

Have I mentioned (lately) how much I hate walking?  Well, I do.  I truly-ruly-ruly do. 

I considered getting my fat old lady ass out to the pool our community has; but it turns out when you’re going to be doing radiation – they don’t want you dipping your boob in chlorinated (and possibly – okay, probably – pissed in) water. 

So looks like it’s going to be Richard and me.  And I guaranty this oldie will be sweating.

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