So how do I convince Kaiser of this?

Once again, I am faced with knowing that my psychiatrist left Kaiser (months ago) and nobody told me. 

Nobody told me even after I sent a message to her about my prescriptions and my concerns about dealing with my breast cancer diagnosis. 

WTSF Kaiser?

This is not the first time this has happened to me. 

The psychiatrist who just left fell all over herself apologizing for the shitty way Kaiser treated me when my psychiatrist before her left and nobody let me know. 


I even filed a formal complaint with Kaiser.

Yet, here I am once again.

When my primary leaves Kaiser I get a letter letting me know and telling me to pick a new primary.  So the system is in place.

Just not for mental health patients.

I found out via a video call with a psychiatric pharmacology clinician appointment. 

I am already battling a bout of depression and then this sweet young thing lands this news on me.  Ka-boom.  I just shut down.  The guy didn’t know what to do with me – he even told me he had just started this job.  He was in no way ready to deal with the situation he found himself in.

But then again, I wasn’t ready for it either; and unlike him, I wasn’t getting paid to be there.

He set me up with a new psychiatrist who I’ll be meeting (via video) the end of June.  She’s a “geriatric” psychiatrist.  I’m not sure what that means.  My depression has been around a lot longer than I’ve been geriatric. 

But at this point, I simply have no fucks to give.

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