I am still knee deep (at least) in Supernatural (my God (TIDBI) how many episodes did they make?).  I did sneak in one episode of the returning Kominsky Method. 

I was farting around with YouTube and noticed one of their free (with ads) movies is Moonstruck.  Yes, that incredibly cheesy, totally overacted (except for the always wonderful Olympia Dukakis), and thoroughly charming movie starring Cher and Nicholas Cage. 

I had to watch it.  And I loved it. 

My favorite moment in the whole movie is when Rita Cappomaggi (played by Julie Bovasso) says “It’s Johnny Cammareri.” 

The best line delivery ever.

Moonstruck is my comfort food of movies. 

Now, if they only had Drop Dead Fred for free, I’d be in heaven. 

“It’s Johnny Cammareri.”

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