If you are going to do theater – or any kind of singing – invest in a good (and big) thermos. 

You’re going to need it.

Key to vocal health is hydration and keeping the muscles warm and wet. 

Some people have special recipes for their “throat juice”.

I don’t go in for the exotic stuff – I like a mint tea with lots of sugar and hot, hot, hot water.


The mint (and heat) clears the sinuses.  The sugar coats the throat.  The tea keeps everything moist and warm. 

I go with herbal tea because my stomach doesn’t do well with the tannins – unless I add milk, which is going to cause its own vocal problems.  Also, I don’t want the caffeine – adding caffeine to pre-performance nerves is going to push me right over into jittery – and caffeine dries you out.

I used to swear by hot pineapple juice – and I still like it, although it’s a little acidy for me and my fat OLD lady stomach.  It’s tasty and sugary; coats the throat – and the acid clears away phlegm (throat snot).

I suppose honey is good – but I just like plain old granulated sugar (which gives you a nice little energy bump when you’re feeling like crap). 

So you just have to figure out what works for your throat and the rest of your body. 

And then fill up that thermos and bring it everywhere!

You can thank me later.

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