Kaiser (yes, this is about Kaiser again) wants you to make an appointment for lab services.

It’s good to want things.

However, since Kaiser’s lab appointments are usually booked solid a week (or more) in advance; unless you are in absolutely no hurry, you have to going as a walk-in.

And because Kaiser is huge and doesn’t seem to offer a whole bunch of lab appointments for any given day, the wait for walk-ins can be lengthy.  Or, if you time it right, it can be surprisingly short. 

I need a couple of blood tests run.  I want them done fairly soon as they have to do with genetics and may help my oncologist make decisions regarding treatment options. 

So, walk-in it is.

Now.  I know which lab I would like to go to (there are 3 available labs at my Kaiser).

Wouldn’t you think by going to the Kaiser website, I could get the hours and days that lab is open?

This seems like information that a lot of people might want.

So WTF does Kaiser hide it somewhere? 

I sure as shit couldn’t find it, and I’m pretty good with a computer.

Do they really want me to telephone the main number to get this information?  That sure doesn’t seem like an efficient use of anyone’s time. 


Once again, WTF Kaiser?

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