I know some of you are die hard real book fans; but I have to tell you, it’s time to start thinking about a Kindle. 

I LOVE my Kindle.  (Not literally, that would smear up the screen.)

Right now, I have more books loaded into my Kindle than I will ever be able to read before I die. Not one tree had to die so I could have that book – I keep thinking we’re going to all die and find out that God (TIDBI) is really a big old oak tree, and we are all going to be seriously fucked when we get to heaven. And for those of you who say they’ll miss the smell of books – get an old shitty book, and rip out a page and hold it under your nose while you’re reading on your Kindle. See, problem solved. Wasn’t that easy?

And that huge number of books don’t take up any room in our itsy bitsy house.  I don’t have to dust them or protect them (especially from claw sharpening cats who want to flip through those crinkly pages until they find just the right page to chew on).  I don’t have to worry about pages being dog-eared; or coffee stains; or missing pages.

When I finish a book on my Kindle, I mark it as “read”, and it goes to the end of my (long) list.  I can also move it into one of various folders:  Read again, Read, Self-Help, etc.  And if the book is one I hated or that I don’t ever plan on reading again, I don’t have to figure out how to get rid of the fucking thing.  (Because I think throwing out a book is next to mortal sin.  You just don’t do it.)

I have boxes of books out in our shed.  I have spent many hours weeding out those books and giving the ones I no longer want away to libraries or Good Will.  And still there are all of these boxes of books.  Not to mention all the books taking up shelf space in our itsy bitsy home. 

I do have a lot of “reference” books for my Dikke Dame Dolls, and I understand the need to have certain real books – ones that are more graphic than text.  (But now I realize, I can probably get all of that information on my laptop now.)

And everything you have on Kindle, you can download to your iPhone (or, I assume, your Android).  

This makes my habit of showing up ridiculously early for appointments much easier to deal with; and ditto for appointments where the other person is ridiculously late. 

And, of course, it makes multi-tasking during those prolonged visits to the loo possible.  (I personally have read many books, one bowel movement at a time. – Oh, like you don’t read while on the pot? That’s like not reading the cereal box at breakfast. It’s unnatural.)

And if you have the Kindle and Amazon Prime, you are set.  Agree to have your Prime deliveries made at a later date, and you get credits you can apply to Kindle books!  Whee.  And if you join Book Bub, you get daily e-mails providing you with books (within the genres you choose) that you can get for bargain basement prices. 

But the best thing about the Kindle?  I can get (and keep) as many books as I want without having to worry about where the fuck I’m going to put them! 

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